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Publication of scientific articles in a collection of articles with indexation in the Web of Science and Scopus  , publication language - English. Articles undergo double review. The maximum number of authors is 5.

As a result of the conference, scientific articles will be published in books:


  1. Book: New Institutions for Socio-Economic Development: The Change of Paradigm from Rationality and Stability to Responsibility and Dynamism.
    Book series: " Interdisciplinary Thought of the 21st Century: Management, Economics and Law ". Publisher: De Gruyter (Web of science, Scopus)

  2. Book: "Economic Issues of Social Entrepreneurship" Palgrave Publishing House (Web of science, Scopus)

  3. Book: Modern Global Economic System: Evolutional Development Vs. Revolutionary leap
    Book series: " Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems " Publisher: Springer (Web of science, Scopus)

  4. Book: "Artificial Intelligence A New Paradigm of Economic Science" Springer
    Series of books " Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation " (Web of science, pending Scopus)

  5. Book: "Industry 4.0: Exploring the Consequences of Climate Change" Palgrave Publishing House (Web of science, Scopus)

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