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Forms of participation in the conference:

  1. Presentation - an oral presentation at a conference. Time limit for speech is 15 minutes. Download presentation template.

  2. Poster presentation - preparation and printing of a poster with the main research results. The presence of the author at the conference is required. Download poster template.

  3. Interactive talk

  4. Video report - Recently, the Institute for Scientific Communications has launched a video channel on YouTube , where it posts video reports from conference participants. Anyone can take part in our conferences using the form of a video report, which will be posted on the YouTube video channel of the ANO Institute for Scientific Communications. The title of the report and the full name of the speaker will also be indicated in the conference program, and all speakers will receive certificates of participants. For convenience and understanding of the recording algorithm, it is suggested that you familiarize yourself with one of the tools that can be used here . The video contains instructions for recording video reports and video presentations. It is proposed to master this format of participation in the events of the Institute of Scientific Communications, to prepare video reports in advance and send them for placement 1 month before the conference.

  5. Post in social networks - after the conference you can publish 1 - 3 posts from the event (photo and text). Photos can be taken on the phone.
    The text can be based on your personal impressions, what is happening, what you saw / heard, briefly about your report or about the reports of other participants you liked. And be sure to add hashtags to this post, the list of which is given below:

#scientific communications #scientific conference #science #sciencerussia #institute of scientific communications #inc # (conference city and year in Russian) # (conference city in English and year) #meo_rudn # meorudn

And also be sure to include the following information in your post: Full name (in English); Place of work (in English); Title of the report; Annotation.

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